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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 is fast approaching!

Well the new year is fast approaching and with it some unpleasant financial goals :) It will be well worth all of the sacrifices we will be making this year to be able to say we are credit card debt free. We are making steps toward this by setting small goals, such as keepin grocery expenses under $200.00 a month and not exceeding our weekly budget.

I went grocery shopping this afternoon to get all of the supplies I need to do my "January Cook Off" this weekend. I am going to cook about 15 different meals and freeze them this weekend. This will help prevent the spur of the moment impulse of going out to dinner and wasting $20.00. This will be even easier to do since I cannot justify spending that on one meal when I just bought all of the months meals for about $110.00 today!

I will still be replenishing the pantry every time there is a good sale but I won't be "grocery shopping" every week like we have in the past.

There are some really good deals shaping up for this weekend.

Toys R Us/ Babies R Us is running a great promotion on Earth's Best Diapers. (January 1st-3rd)
$5.00 per pack (limit 3) and you can use two different coupons to get an even better deal.
$1.50 off each HERE 
stack with $2.00 off HERE (this is one per customer)
Here is the break down on 3 packages:
$15.00-$4.50-$2.00= $8.50 for 90 diapers or 9cents a diaper!!!!!!!

I will post more deals this weekend as I hear about them!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

CVS Deals for 12-20!!!!!!

CVS deals have not always been my favorite, I usually make a mistake or two and then I have to look like a dork asking them to fix it for me. Well tonight I made 1 mistake and they made 1 mistake :) So we were even Steven :) Here are my deals for the week of 12-20!!!

Glade Glass Scented Candle Holder+Refill FREE
Sale: 4/$3.00 each
MQ: 2/B1 Get 1 refill free
MQ: $2.00 off of 2 Glade products (inside the box)
ECB: $4.00 when you spend $12.00
Math: 2 Holders+2 Refills= $12.00-$6.00B1G1-$4.00Box coupons=$2.00-$4.00ECB makes this a $2MM

Listerine 500ml
Sale: 3.99
MQ: $1.00 MQ (RP 12-6) There is also a coupon in the CVS flu book but I don't have that :(
ECB: $3.00
Math: 3.99-1MQ= 2.99-3.00ECB = .01 overage  or FREE

Nivea Body Wash
Sale; $5.99
MQ: $2.00 off ( Here is the IP)
ECB: $5.00
Math: $5.99-2MQ= $3.99-$5.00ECB= $1.01MM or FREE

Revlon Super Lustrous or Moon Drops Lipstick
Sale: $7.99  (my store also had them B1G1)
MQ: $2.00 (12/13 SS insert)
ECB: $5.00 (limit 3)
Math: $7.99-$2.00=$5.99-$5.00ECB= 99cents for Revlon!!!!

Here is the way that my Revlon deal came out! IDK how?!?!?!?!
$9.00+$9.00+$8.00+$8.00=$34.00 or $9+$8= $17.00
MQ= 3/$2.00mq
ECB: 3/$5.00
Math: $17.00-$6.00/MQ=$11.00-$15.00ECB= $4.00 MM

Russell Stover Candy ( I forgot to use a coupon because it was an impulse purchase)
Sale: $4.99
MQ: $1.00 off (12-13)
ECB: $1.00
Math: $4.99-$1.00MQ=$3.99-$1.00 ECB= $2.99

My Total OOP was high but it's because I have not had any good CVS deals in a long time on my card and I needed to build up my ECB!!!

Total before ECB/OOP: $24.36
After ECB: $3.64 Money Maker !!!!!!

Glade Scented Oil Candle Refill

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walgreens Trip 12-15-2009

Thanks Bunny for heading out in the drizzle and fog today to get our list of goodies and savings!!!

He bought:
6 campbells cream of mushroom soups 1.59ea
2 campbells cream of chicken soups 1.59 ea
3 Progresso soups .99 ea
2 boxes of Heresheys Pot of Gold candy 3.49 ea.
3 Hunts tomato sauce. 99 ea
2 Blue Diamond almonds 3.49 b1g1
4 Campbells gravy 1.50 ea

-$8.10 Manufacture Coupons
-1.97Walgreen Coupons Hunts coupon
-7.00 Walgreen Campbell coupon (soup)
-4.00 Walgreen gravy coupon

                                     - 14.00 Walgreen Register rewards
                                        + .81 tax
                             = 1.88 out of pocket and +$3.00 Register Rewards


Friday, December 11, 2009

Jingles coupon!!

I am going to double check but I think there might be a target web coupon that can be paired with this coupon for a total of $1.50 off 1 bag!!! Go Here to print the coupon!

My game plan for Saturday morning!!! Look Out!!!


4-Chinet plates $2.50/ BOGO
math: $5.00-$2/1-$2/1-$2/1-$1/1=$2MM (if they have the small plates, if not.50 each)

Stayfree Maxi Pads
math: $2.00-$1/1Q-$2RR= $1MM

Conair hairbrushes
Math: $2.00-$2.00RR= Free

All Detergent 32 load
Math: $3.50-$2.00/1Q= $1.50

Snuggle Liquid
Math: $3.50-$2.00/1Q= $1.50

Math: $16.00-$12.00MQ= $4.00-$4.00 RR= Free
and $4.00RR should print so super free :)

We need to buy a pack of batteries to get our $5.00 ECB to print, so;
$5.99-$1/1 MQ= $4.99 and $5.00ECB will print so it evens my week out :)

Old Navy
Sale: $5.00 Ladies zip up fleece!!!!
I am going to buy 5 of them for $25.00
math: (fingers crossed) $25.00-$5.00 off coupon-$10.00 Reward-$10.00CC coupon=Free
I am hoping this will work if not it will be $10 for 5 jackets or $2.00 each :)

Sale: keebler snacks and cookies $2.00 each, Buy 5 and get a $5.00 gift card

transaction #1
2 cheez-its $4
3 toppers $6
Math; $10-4.50MQ's=$5.50 and then $5.00 gift card will be given

2 Swiss Miss Hot cocoa super cheap ( IDK exact amount)

Up and Up Diapers
Math: 13.63-$2.00= 11.63

3M Command Hooks (8-pack)
Math: $2.14- $1/1 IP & -$1/1 TQ = $.14
Thanks Ggbwg

2 keebler cookies and 3 topper crackers
Math: $10.00-$4.50MQ= $6.50

Transaction #1 Totals
Math: 38.77-13.50=25.27 AND $10.00 for crackers should be given to me

transaction #2
Get a $5 Target Gift Card when you buy 4 of the following:(Ads vary by region)
Bertolli Frozen Meals - $6
-(4) $2/1 IP (these are manufacturer's coupons - not Save a Lot coupons)
MATH: $6x4 = $24 -$8.=$16 -$10 gift cards from T1 =$6.00 for 4 meals or $1.50 each :) As well as the $5.00 that will print from the offer! Making this $1.00 for 4 meals
Ggbwg (from

Here is the plan!!!

I am going to hit Target tomorrow! They have some really good deals :) I am only going to purchase items that are on my list!!! I am going to try hard to stick to that list :) I will post the good deals that I get as soon as I get home from Target, Old Navy, and Carters tomorrow afternoon!!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

More Free Christmas Cards

Go here to Vista Print and get 20 cards for $1.99! I am going to make Christmas Thank you Cards for Cali May!

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage - Medicare Part D Plans - Medicare beneficiaries - Questions and Answers from CVS/pharmacy

Take this survey and get a coupon for $5 off of $30!!!

Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage - Medicare Part D Plans - Medicare beneficiaries - Questions and Answers from CVS/pharmacy

Holy Macaroni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a great night at Walgreens tonight!!! I am very excited!!!!

First Transaction

Kelloggs Fruit Loops

Sale: 4/$1.99

MQ: $5/4 boxes (HERE)


Math: 7.96-$5.00MQ= $2.96 or .74 per box

Stayfree Maxi Pads

Sale: 1/$1.99

MQ: $1/1 HERE

RR: $1.99

Math: $1.99-$1.00= .99-$1.99RR= $1.00 MM

Nestle Morstles 12oz bags

Sale: $1.99 after in ad coupon

MQ: 2X $1.00/1 and .50/1


Math: 5.97-$1-$1-.50=3.47/3 or $1.16 each

Coke Products 12 packs

Sale: 3 for $10

MQ: None

RR: $2.00 WYB 3

Math: $10-$2RR= $8.00 for 3 or $2.66

Bausch and Lomb ReNU

Sale: 9.99

MQ: $2/1

RR: $10.00

Math: $10-$2=$8.00-$10.00RR= $2.00MM

Total: $25.40 OOP

19.00RR Printed

2nd Transaction

Conair Hair Brush

Sale: $2.00

MQ: None

RR: $2.00

Math: $2.00-$2.00RR= Free


Sale: $2.00

MQ: None

RR: $2.00

Math: $2.00-$2.00= Free

Chinet Plates 10 and 15 count

Sale: 2.50 BOGO after ad coupon

MQ: $1.00/1, $2.00/1


Math: 2.50-1.00-2.00= .50MM



MQ: 1.00/1


Math: 1.50-1.00= .50

I also got Christmas Candy for someones stocking that totalled $2.27

For a total of:

$18.76-$3.00MQ-14.50RR+1.34 sales tax= $1.26 OOP

RR that printed: $11.00

RR that I am rolling: $7.00

Total RR: $18.00

So after my RR and Spending I only spent: $8.66

THEN we have a rebate for the hair color for $7.00 (HERE)

I spent $1.66 :) How awesome is that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coupon for Salad Dressing!

Go Here to sign up for Marie's Dressing coupons!!!

Register for coupons!

I got an email to print some great coupons! Here is the link! You need to register and then you can print out the special offers.
There is $1/1 glass plus
.50/1 easy off oven cleaner
$1/2 Lysol wipes (Harris Teeter is always doing BOGO)
.50/1 Lysol Sprays
.50/1 Lysol cleaners
$1/1 Lysol disinfectant deodorizer spray
.50/1 Lysol toliet bowl cleaner
.55/1 Lysol bathroom cleaner
$1/1 Old English Cleaning Products

Please comment if this link works for you or not!!! I am going to save these to stack with a possible Target webcoupon or Harris Teeter BOGO!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Smithfield Bacon Coupon! .55/1

I hope this link works HERE I am not sure how to send a link for certain coupons :) But if your grocery doubles (Harris Teeter, Lowes, BiLo) this is good for some cheap bacon. It is on sale at HT all the time!!!


"like getting over $25 free after REGISTER AWARDS"
In case you did not get the paper or have not see the deals that Walgreens is offering please take a look at the list of stuff that will be free or a money maker;

Just for Men Touch of Gray hair color: Free after RR (6.99)
Go here for $1/1 to make this a MM
Neutrogena Men's Skin Care: Free after RR (4.99)
Use $2/1 coupon in the December All You magazine
Select Conair brushes or Scunci Hair Accessories:Free after RR (2.00)
ReNu Multi-Purpose Plus Solution Twin Pack 8oz.: Free after RR (9.99)
Go here for $1/2 to make this a MM
Stim-U-Dent 100 pack: Free after RR (2.00)
Stayfree Feminine care 16 or 24 pack Ultra Thin Pads:Free after RR (1.99)
Go here for $1/1 to make this a MM

Monday, December 7, 2009

Free Bag of Stacy's Pita Chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, if you are on facebook this is an easy peasy deal for you. All you do is become a 'fan' of these chips and they will mail you a coupon for a free bag, how easy is that?!?!?! Go Here
Found on MSM!!!

Ok, here is another place that you can get "free" chips

CVS Deals!!!!

So after Bunny went to Walgreens I also had a list of CVS deals, no bear in mind that the deals are not as great as Walgreens this week but it is a "building" week, meaning that we didn't start off with any ExtraCareBucks this week and the deals we needed were on high ticket items with very little return.

Duracell AA batteries 20pack
price: 8.99/1
sale: 9.99
Math: 9.99-$1MQ=8.99

Duracell AAA batteries 16pack
price: 8.99/1
Sale: 9.99
Math: 9.99-$1MQ=8.99

Essence of Beauty Body Wash
Price: 1.98/2
Sale: 4.99 each
ECB: 4.00 extra care buck
Math: 9.98-8.00ECB= 1.98/2 or .99 each

Energizer 4 pack of rechargeable batteries
price: 8.99
Sale: 10.99
ECB: $5.00 when you reach $15.00
Math: 10.99-2.00MQ= 8.99/1

Sugar Free Gummi Bears .99 (this was to bump it over $30)

-$5.00 pharmacy survey
tax 3.25
then $8.00 ECB printed so all of these things for 24.44 OOP!!!

Walgreens This week!!!

I sent Bunny out today after he had taken Princess to school to buy our Walgreen deals! He did a great job, just boght the wrong snuggle :) He said they didn't have the liquid and since we needed it he bought the sheets (which were not on sale). He is a wonderful husband to do this for us!

ALL detergent
Total: 2/3.00
Sale: All or Snuggle 2 for 7.00
RR: none
Math: $3.50 -2.00=$1.50

MQ: $2.00 off 1 All (12/6 insert)

Kellogs Cereal
Total: 4 /$2.96
Sale: Select Kellog cereal $1.99 each
RR: none
Math: 7.96-5.00MQ= 2.96 or $.74 each
MQ: $5.00/4 here It has the Target logo, but it is a MQ!!!!!

Hefty One Zip gallon bags
Total: 2/ $2.29
Sale: $3.29 each BOGO
Math: 3.29-$1.00/2MQ= $2.29 or $1.15 each
MQ:11-01-09 RP

Chex Mix
Total: 2/$1.50
Sale: .99 each
RR: none
math: 1.98-.50MQ= 1.48/2 or .74 each
MQ:11-15-09 GM

Toblerone 3.5 oz
Total: 2/$1.00
Sale: 2/3.00
Math: $3.00-1.00MQ-1.00MQ= $1.00 or .50 each
MQ:11-22-09 SS

Chinet Casual White 10 3/8 "dinner plates
Sale: $2.99 BOGO (with wag coupon)
Math: $2.99-$1MQ-$1MQ=$.99/2 or .50 each
MQ: 11/22 SS

Chinet Casual white 15 count 8 3/4" plates
Total: $1.00/2
Sale: $2.99 BOGO (with wag coupon)
Math: $2.99-$1MQ-$1MQ=$.99/2 or .50 each
MQ: 11/22 SS

M&M Premiums (mint)
Sale: $2.49
RR: .50
Math: $2.49-$1.00= $1.49-50cent RR= 99cents
MQ:12-06-09 RP

Trident layers
Total: 1.49/2
Sale: none
RR: none
Math: 2.98-BOGO MQ= $1.49/2
MQ: 10-18-09 SS

So after all was said and done we got everything in the picture (which included the fabric sheets $4.59 that bunny bought :)) for a grand total of $18.48OOP!!

Happy Shopping :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Something to think about...

I am really struggling with going to the store and only buying things that we "need". I come from a long line of shoppers and impulse shoppers at that. We went to Target last night for groceries and a couple great deals, that led into a 90 bill!!!! What in the world?!?!?!

Our goal for 2010 is to pay off our credit card debt, and that will make us free of our adoption debt. We are not talking about vacations and crazy spending, it is 95% adoption cost and 5% surgery/medical expenses. Now that I have aired my dirty laundry on the internet we can all breathe a little easier :)

Our short term goal for the weeks leading to Christmas is to "live off of our pantry". This means that we will not shop for anything but the perishable items on our menu. Such as bananas (princess), milk (princess), bread (which we are going to start getting at the "bread store"), and any other produce that we might need.

I was interested to see on a fellow bloggers' site that they buy cheese in 5 pound blocks at Costco. I am thinking we are going to go that way too. As a family of 3 we consume a bunch of cheese every week. A little more than I think we should, but what can you do :)

Alright enough random blogging for the morning. We are going to get the house decorated today (finished up) and I am going to do some baking!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009


How would you like to win a beautiful quilt? ME TOO!!! I went to this website to enter to win the DARLA quilt for Cali May's bed!!! They have several different ways to earn new entries (such as adding it to your blog :) )) I am going to head over and add it to Princess Cali's blog and get people to enter to win the quilt to increase my chances :) I love their website as well!!! They have some great things going on there today!!!
(Thanks Moneysavingmom)

Cyber Monday!

I am totally out of the loop on this one. I had no idea that this existed and it is not as celebrated as black friday. If anyone out there has any hints or tips for me please let me know :)

I have been following some advice found on and I checked a book out of the library about being frugal and living on one income. One of the tips is to "waste not, want not" which we have a problem with in my household. If we have leftovers they would be good for maybe one lunch and then get put in the trash. Not anymore, everything is getting repurposed in the Efird kitchen :)

Thanksgiving was the perfect test to putting meals in the fridge. I made "carcass soup" thanks to a co-worker, which is just turkey soup where it starts with you boiling the turkey carcass and add ingredients that you want to your soup. We added; rice, carrots, celery, onion and it turned out soooooo good. We then served it to friends and ourselves and had a ton left. We ate it one more day with leftover mashed potatoes and now it is seperated into three more meals in our freezer!!!!!

I took the leftover mashed potatoes and made potato soup! It is now in the fridge for lunches today! The next goal is to do something yummy with the turkey breast that I have left!!!!

Does anyone have any good recipes to share with others?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,
I am basically writing this to myself as I have not posted my blog anywhere. I am getting things ready for Thanksgiving dinner tonight and also getting my game plan ready for Black Friday shopping tonight. My friend Misti and I and possibly my sisiter-in-law will be hitting Carters and Toys-R-Us at midnight tonight :) I am not looking to spend a million dollars but I am excited about the possibility of really cheap pajamas for Princess! If you are reading this and have any advice or tips for Black Friday let me know :)

I get a lot of good advice from and

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thrifty Trio!!!

I am starting this blog to keep track of our shopping savings! We are going to commit ourselves to saving enough money using coupons and not going out to restraunts in 2010 that we will not have to add anything to our credit card during my husbands student teaching next fall. I will post more later about our monetary goal but for now I will be posting the good deals that I get and any good deals that I find in our area.