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Monday, December 7, 2009

CVS Deals!!!!

So after Bunny went to Walgreens I also had a list of CVS deals, no bear in mind that the deals are not as great as Walgreens this week but it is a "building" week, meaning that we didn't start off with any ExtraCareBucks this week and the deals we needed were on high ticket items with very little return.

Duracell AA batteries 20pack
price: 8.99/1
sale: 9.99
Math: 9.99-$1MQ=8.99

Duracell AAA batteries 16pack
price: 8.99/1
Sale: 9.99
Math: 9.99-$1MQ=8.99

Essence of Beauty Body Wash
Price: 1.98/2
Sale: 4.99 each
ECB: 4.00 extra care buck
Math: 9.98-8.00ECB= 1.98/2 or .99 each

Energizer 4 pack of rechargeable batteries
price: 8.99
Sale: 10.99
ECB: $5.00 when you reach $15.00
Math: 10.99-2.00MQ= 8.99/1

Sugar Free Gummi Bears .99 (this was to bump it over $30)

-$5.00 pharmacy survey
tax 3.25
then $8.00 ECB printed so all of these things for 24.44 OOP!!!

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