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Saturday, December 19, 2009

CVS Deals for 12-20!!!!!!

CVS deals have not always been my favorite, I usually make a mistake or two and then I have to look like a dork asking them to fix it for me. Well tonight I made 1 mistake and they made 1 mistake :) So we were even Steven :) Here are my deals for the week of 12-20!!!

Glade Glass Scented Candle Holder+Refill FREE
Sale: 4/$3.00 each
MQ: 2/B1 Get 1 refill free
MQ: $2.00 off of 2 Glade products (inside the box)
ECB: $4.00 when you spend $12.00
Math: 2 Holders+2 Refills= $12.00-$6.00B1G1-$4.00Box coupons=$2.00-$4.00ECB makes this a $2MM

Listerine 500ml
Sale: 3.99
MQ: $1.00 MQ (RP 12-6) There is also a coupon in the CVS flu book but I don't have that :(
ECB: $3.00
Math: 3.99-1MQ= 2.99-3.00ECB = .01 overage  or FREE

Nivea Body Wash
Sale; $5.99
MQ: $2.00 off ( Here is the IP)
ECB: $5.00
Math: $5.99-2MQ= $3.99-$5.00ECB= $1.01MM or FREE

Revlon Super Lustrous or Moon Drops Lipstick
Sale: $7.99  (my store also had them B1G1)
MQ: $2.00 (12/13 SS insert)
ECB: $5.00 (limit 3)
Math: $7.99-$2.00=$5.99-$5.00ECB= 99cents for Revlon!!!!

Here is the way that my Revlon deal came out! IDK how?!?!?!?!
$9.00+$9.00+$8.00+$8.00=$34.00 or $9+$8= $17.00
MQ= 3/$2.00mq
ECB: 3/$5.00
Math: $17.00-$6.00/MQ=$11.00-$15.00ECB= $4.00 MM

Russell Stover Candy ( I forgot to use a coupon because it was an impulse purchase)
Sale: $4.99
MQ: $1.00 off (12-13)
ECB: $1.00
Math: $4.99-$1.00MQ=$3.99-$1.00 ECB= $2.99

My Total OOP was high but it's because I have not had any good CVS deals in a long time on my card and I needed to build up my ECB!!!

Total before ECB/OOP: $24.36
After ECB: $3.64 Money Maker !!!!!!

Glade Scented Oil Candle Refill

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