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Monday, December 7, 2009

Walgreens This week!!!

I sent Bunny out today after he had taken Princess to school to buy our Walgreen deals! He did a great job, just boght the wrong snuggle :) He said they didn't have the liquid and since we needed it he bought the sheets (which were not on sale). He is a wonderful husband to do this for us!

ALL detergent
Total: 2/3.00
Sale: All or Snuggle 2 for 7.00
RR: none
Math: $3.50 -2.00=$1.50

MQ: $2.00 off 1 All (12/6 insert)

Kellogs Cereal
Total: 4 /$2.96
Sale: Select Kellog cereal $1.99 each
RR: none
Math: 7.96-5.00MQ= 2.96 or $.74 each
MQ: $5.00/4 here It has the Target logo, but it is a MQ!!!!!

Hefty One Zip gallon bags
Total: 2/ $2.29
Sale: $3.29 each BOGO
Math: 3.29-$1.00/2MQ= $2.29 or $1.15 each
MQ:11-01-09 RP

Chex Mix
Total: 2/$1.50
Sale: .99 each
RR: none
math: 1.98-.50MQ= 1.48/2 or .74 each
MQ:11-15-09 GM

Toblerone 3.5 oz
Total: 2/$1.00
Sale: 2/3.00
Math: $3.00-1.00MQ-1.00MQ= $1.00 or .50 each
MQ:11-22-09 SS

Chinet Casual White 10 3/8 "dinner plates
Sale: $2.99 BOGO (with wag coupon)
Math: $2.99-$1MQ-$1MQ=$.99/2 or .50 each
MQ: 11/22 SS

Chinet Casual white 15 count 8 3/4" plates
Total: $1.00/2
Sale: $2.99 BOGO (with wag coupon)
Math: $2.99-$1MQ-$1MQ=$.99/2 or .50 each
MQ: 11/22 SS

M&M Premiums (mint)
Sale: $2.49
RR: .50
Math: $2.49-$1.00= $1.49-50cent RR= 99cents
MQ:12-06-09 RP

Trident layers
Total: 1.49/2
Sale: none
RR: none
Math: 2.98-BOGO MQ= $1.49/2
MQ: 10-18-09 SS

So after all was said and done we got everything in the picture (which included the fabric sheets $4.59 that bunny bought :)) for a grand total of $18.48OOP!!

Happy Shopping :)

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