Thrifty Trio!!!!

This is a blog dedicated to being a frugal mom! I am a mother, wife, and a 5th grade teacher. When I have time I am online looking for great deals. This helps me to use my coupons in a thrifty way! Leave me a comment so I know you stopped by!

Monday, November 30, 2009


How would you like to win a beautiful quilt? ME TOO!!! I went to this website to enter to win the DARLA quilt for Cali May's bed!!! They have several different ways to earn new entries (such as adding it to your blog :) )) I am going to head over and add it to Princess Cali's blog and get people to enter to win the quilt to increase my chances :) I love their website as well!!! They have some great things going on there today!!!
(Thanks Moneysavingmom)

Cyber Monday!

I am totally out of the loop on this one. I had no idea that this existed and it is not as celebrated as black friday. If anyone out there has any hints or tips for me please let me know :)

I have been following some advice found on and I checked a book out of the library about being frugal and living on one income. One of the tips is to "waste not, want not" which we have a problem with in my household. If we have leftovers they would be good for maybe one lunch and then get put in the trash. Not anymore, everything is getting repurposed in the Efird kitchen :)

Thanksgiving was the perfect test to putting meals in the fridge. I made "carcass soup" thanks to a co-worker, which is just turkey soup where it starts with you boiling the turkey carcass and add ingredients that you want to your soup. We added; rice, carrots, celery, onion and it turned out soooooo good. We then served it to friends and ourselves and had a ton left. We ate it one more day with leftover mashed potatoes and now it is seperated into three more meals in our freezer!!!!!

I took the leftover mashed potatoes and made potato soup! It is now in the fridge for lunches today! The next goal is to do something yummy with the turkey breast that I have left!!!!

Does anyone have any good recipes to share with others?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,
I am basically writing this to myself as I have not posted my blog anywhere. I am getting things ready for Thanksgiving dinner tonight and also getting my game plan ready for Black Friday shopping tonight. My friend Misti and I and possibly my sisiter-in-law will be hitting Carters and Toys-R-Us at midnight tonight :) I am not looking to spend a million dollars but I am excited about the possibility of really cheap pajamas for Princess! If you are reading this and have any advice or tips for Black Friday let me know :)

I get a lot of good advice from and

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thrifty Trio!!!

I am starting this blog to keep track of our shopping savings! We are going to commit ourselves to saving enough money using coupons and not going out to restraunts in 2010 that we will not have to add anything to our credit card during my husbands student teaching next fall. I will post more later about our monetary goal but for now I will be posting the good deals that I get and any good deals that I find in our area.