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Friday, December 11, 2009

My game plan for Saturday morning!!! Look Out!!!


4-Chinet plates $2.50/ BOGO
math: $5.00-$2/1-$2/1-$2/1-$1/1=$2MM (if they have the small plates, if not.50 each)

Stayfree Maxi Pads
math: $2.00-$1/1Q-$2RR= $1MM

Conair hairbrushes
Math: $2.00-$2.00RR= Free

All Detergent 32 load
Math: $3.50-$2.00/1Q= $1.50

Snuggle Liquid
Math: $3.50-$2.00/1Q= $1.50

Math: $16.00-$12.00MQ= $4.00-$4.00 RR= Free
and $4.00RR should print so super free :)

We need to buy a pack of batteries to get our $5.00 ECB to print, so;
$5.99-$1/1 MQ= $4.99 and $5.00ECB will print so it evens my week out :)

Old Navy
Sale: $5.00 Ladies zip up fleece!!!!
I am going to buy 5 of them for $25.00
math: (fingers crossed) $25.00-$5.00 off coupon-$10.00 Reward-$10.00CC coupon=Free
I am hoping this will work if not it will be $10 for 5 jackets or $2.00 each :)

Sale: keebler snacks and cookies $2.00 each, Buy 5 and get a $5.00 gift card

transaction #1
2 cheez-its $4
3 toppers $6
Math; $10-4.50MQ's=$5.50 and then $5.00 gift card will be given

2 Swiss Miss Hot cocoa super cheap ( IDK exact amount)

Up and Up Diapers
Math: 13.63-$2.00= 11.63

3M Command Hooks (8-pack)
Math: $2.14- $1/1 IP & -$1/1 TQ = $.14
Thanks Ggbwg

2 keebler cookies and 3 topper crackers
Math: $10.00-$4.50MQ= $6.50

Transaction #1 Totals
Math: 38.77-13.50=25.27 AND $10.00 for crackers should be given to me

transaction #2
Get a $5 Target Gift Card when you buy 4 of the following:(Ads vary by region)
Bertolli Frozen Meals - $6
-(4) $2/1 IP (these are manufacturer's coupons - not Save a Lot coupons)
MATH: $6x4 = $24 -$8.=$16 -$10 gift cards from T1 =$6.00 for 4 meals or $1.50 each :) As well as the $5.00 that will print from the offer! Making this $1.00 for 4 meals
Ggbwg (from

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  1. What are all the initials for?? Can't understand your math 'cause I don't know what the letters stand for??