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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 is fast approaching!

Well the new year is fast approaching and with it some unpleasant financial goals :) It will be well worth all of the sacrifices we will be making this year to be able to say we are credit card debt free. We are making steps toward this by setting small goals, such as keepin grocery expenses under $200.00 a month and not exceeding our weekly budget.

I went grocery shopping this afternoon to get all of the supplies I need to do my "January Cook Off" this weekend. I am going to cook about 15 different meals and freeze them this weekend. This will help prevent the spur of the moment impulse of going out to dinner and wasting $20.00. This will be even easier to do since I cannot justify spending that on one meal when I just bought all of the months meals for about $110.00 today!

I will still be replenishing the pantry every time there is a good sale but I won't be "grocery shopping" every week like we have in the past.

There are some really good deals shaping up for this weekend.

Toys R Us/ Babies R Us is running a great promotion on Earth's Best Diapers. (January 1st-3rd)
$5.00 per pack (limit 3) and you can use two different coupons to get an even better deal.
$1.50 off each HERE 
stack with $2.00 off HERE (this is one per customer)
Here is the break down on 3 packages:
$15.00-$4.50-$2.00= $8.50 for 90 diapers or 9cents a diaper!!!!!!!

I will post more deals this weekend as I hear about them!

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