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Sunday, January 3, 2010

CVS! 1/3/2010

Today I ran up to CVS and got the following things;
3 boxes of Soy Joy bars (6 count)
3@$6.00 each= $18.00
ECB earned $18.00
total: FREE

Quilted Northern 12 double rolls
1 @ $6.88

1 GE Energy Smart Light bulb
$2.99-$1.00 MQ= $1.99
ECB earned: $2.00
total: FREE

Trip breakdown
total: 27.87
MQ used $1.00
CVS coupon used: $5/$25 
ECB rolled(used): $20.00
Total Coupons/ECB/other: $26.00
Tax: .48
Total after discounts and tax: $2.35 out of pocket
ECB that printed: $20.00 ($18 for soy joy, $2.00 for light bulb)

***It would have been a straight free transaction, where you just pay tax but I didn't pay attention to the order that I handed the clerk my ECB so I paid $2.35 out of pocket!!!


  1. Hey! I love reading what you do! would you have gotten it free according to the order you gave them the coupons/etc.?

  2. I know you already know the answer to this, since we talked on Facebook. BUT, I should have started with the higher amount ECB so that I could have used more of them and not paid out of pocket.