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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Harris Teeter Super Doubles, Visit #1 1/6/2009

Savings of  77% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I asked my DH to run to Harris Teeter this morning even with Princess in tow and he was so sweet and went and shopped, and conquered :) Here is a list of everything he got;
* 2-Lysol wipes (free)
* Ivory Soap 3 pack(free)
* HT mustard (needed)
*Glenn Muir tomatoes
* 5 Northland juices
* 2 Hawaiian 4pk rolls (free)
* weight watchers lemon cakes (free)
* weight watchers choc. cakes (free)
* wholy guacamole
* yellow bananas (needed)
* 2 Rhodes rolls
* Bagel bites 9 count
* 2 crescent rolls
* 3 Oikos greek yogurt (free)
* gallon of whole milk
* egg beaters

Original Total: $90.17
VIC: $18.76
Coupons: $50.55
Out of Pocket: $20.86

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