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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harris Teeter #4 Super Doubles (Jeremy's Arm Load)

Poor Poor Jeremy :) He always gets roped into my schemes! This time it was part mine and part his! I wanted the free cereal and he wanted the free ziploc :) Here is how it worked out;
4 boxes of Special K cereal=$10.00
4 quart Ziploc boxes= $10.00
MQ- $2.00 off ziploc
MQ-$5.00 of cereal
Instant HT Special K reward $5.00
= $7.64 out of pocket
-$5.00 ziploc rebate means $2.64 for everything! It should have been free BUT I guess HT is smarter than us. I made Jeremy stand behind me and use coupons but I guess it wouldn't double them because I must have reached my daily limit? I don't know if that's true or what?!?!? But I still think we did pretty well!!!!

MQ= 2/$1.00 off Ziploc + 2/$1.00=  -$4.00 after super doubles

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