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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Walgreens 1-09-2010

     I had a little bit of an attitude today from the manager or key holder but I won't hold it against one of my favorite stores. I wanted to buy some nabisco crackers that are on sale for 99cents a piece and use a $2.00 coupon, but the coupon is 2cents more than the crackers (benefits the store) and she didn't offer to adjust it she just gave attitude so I just said never mind I don't want the crackers then :) There was a problem with the eye shadow but that was my fault for not handing the cashier the MQ coupons first and then the walgreens coupon. Remember if the item is going to be free after coupons ALWAYS hand them your MQ first!!!! Ok here are the things I bought.... while 2 impatient older gentlemen waited to buy cigarettes :)

2 reach toothbrushes $3.99 each (7.98)
3 Revlon single eye shadows $4.99 each (14.97)
2 Stayfree Maxi Pads $6.29 each (12.58)
1 Extra Gum (because cashier was trying to win a contest?!?) 99cents
total before coupons: $36.52
-$3.99 BOGO on toothbrush
-$1.00 on toothbrush
-$4.00 Walgreen coupon on toothbrush
-$2.00 Revlon
-$2.00 Revlon
-$2.00 Revlon
-$9.00 Walgreen coupon on Revlon
-$6.29 BOGO on maxi pads
-$6.00 Walgreen coupon on Stayfree
=-$36.58 in coupons
Total out of pocket including tax= $1.60

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  1. Ah, upselling. Like it's not enough they have a whole rack full of candy bars and lip balms and gift cards and other impulse items, they have to actually suggest you buy more stuff. I worked at Walgreens for a whopping 5 weeks and I did that only if management was within earshot.