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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monthly Cook Off!

I have taken part in a small way last month and now since we are snowed in :) I thought I would take advantage of the situation and get some of my protein cooked up! I am doing the following this weekend;
Taco Meat
Spaghetti sauce with turkey meat/green pepper/onion/mushrooms
whole chicken for chicken noodles, and or dumplings, broth
whole chicken for enchiladas, tacos, nachos
red beans and rice with turkey kielbasa

I think I am going to hold off baking bread for a couple weeks because I find myself eating bread/toast for a snack :( That is not a good thing when you are trying to watch your calories. I might add some things to this list if the ice and snow don't melt and I am stuck in the house :) If you are doing some cooking as well leave me a comment to let me know how your cooking and freezing are going :)

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