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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Harris Teeter Trip #3 Super Doubles!!!

When we left home this morning I was planning on spending less than 10 bucks on my groceries, but I ended up adding $10 right off the bat because I could not resist the buy 1 get 2 free on the chicken breast. But it was 3 packages of boneless skinless chicken. I got the following things on this transaction:

1 Pack of chicken breast
2 packs of chicken breast**Free
2 Special K bars **Free
2 Special K cereals** Free
2 Ziploc sandwich bags
2 Ziploc rectangular dishes
1 Health Harvest Soup**Free
1 Electrasol Tabs**Free
1 Uncle Bens Rice **Free
3 Sun Crystals**Free
1 Herbal Essences
2 WW carrot cake**Free
1 Arnold Bread
2 Lenders bagels
2 Red Baron Cheese pizzas
2 Tonys Pizza**Free
3 Greek Yogurt**Free

Total before VIC: 118.26
After VIC: 65.39
After MFQ: 23.36
after ziploc rebate: 18.36 :) or 59cents and item :)
This is awesome because I got everything in the picture besides the chicken for $8.36 :)

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