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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Better Late than Never!!!

I guess it's not really "late" because my pantry and freezer are constantly revolving. I decided to try some new recipes this weekend and to get some things stored in our freezer for the month. We have a lot of food in our freezer but our "meals" are getting low so I am going to go over the contents of our pantry and freezer this week and decide what I need to replace and what I need to make.

If anyone has any deals right now on Cream of chicken (or an alternative) let me know!! I need some to make a new supply of chicken and noodles for the freezer and I also thought about making some chicken and rice. Both are favorites around here.

Ok, here are the things that I made last weekend and this weekend (though I am not done);

Brown Bag chicken burritos (8)
Homemade refried beans (3 large bags+ what's in the burritos)
homemade granola (large ziploc bag)
20 waffles cut in half for Princess' breakfast
4 pounds of turkey burger browned/seperated/ and froze for meals
2 loaves of bread baked, sliced, and froze for breakfast
2 meatloaf, mixed, and put in freezer

Thanks for taking a look!

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